Happy New Year! 2014 brings an unopened book with pages upon pages of unwritten stories. I resolve to continue moving forward and to develop my skills as a runner, and complete my first marathon.

I came across this awesome article on goals vs systems/ processes from someone earlier today… In graduate school, I studied and analyzed systems, and learned about the systems thinking approach to reaching one’s goals and maximizing potential. Essentially I’ve taken the following from this article:
1) focus on enjoying the journey/ process/ system.
2) goals are important, but if goals are underachieved, that does not mean life is over and Time/effort has been wasted.
3) once the goal has been met (date, weight, time, distance, etc), then what? It’s important to visualize the importance of  fluid relationships with processes, and step away from the rigid, static thought mentality of not being “good enough.”
4)it’s okay to live in the now.


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